Brand Foundry is an innovation agency based in Cape Town. Our tream of digital and engineering innovators are always aiming for results that go BOOM! We create memorable and inventive experiences for brands, bringing their ideas to life through technology.


Wizards with magical supremacies? Probably not. But what we certainly are, is an innovation agency based in Cape Town, South Africa - a small but mighty team of digital and engineering pioneers who create experiences for brands through technology.

  • interactive

  • electronic

  • web & mobile

  • ux & interface

how we do it

We're at our happiest when we're working with bold clients, either responding to innovation briefs or whipping up proactive prototypes. And by tackling design, building hardware, and developing software at the same time, we're able to ensure that all elements of every project work seamlessly together.

Time wasting is not something we're in to. We're far too excited about producing the next prototype or proof of concept for you and your client. We like to get from the workshop and software studio to you as quick as quick can be, in order to allow you to get your hands on a version of the project that you can touch. Or maybe click through. That's what floats our boat, and what we're sure will float yours too.

Say hello.

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t: +27 (0) 21 761 4761

Unit 14, Royal Cape Park,
1 Londonderry Road, Ottery,
Cape Town, 7800, South Africa