140 BBDO needed a portable Three Ships Micro-Distillery. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. They needed a machine that could take the magic of distilling whisky out of the distillery, and to the consumer. Apart from being visually striking and factually accurate, it also needed to work as a functional blending machine, with the ability to blend four different whisky types.

Piece of pie (but not really).

Early blueprints that we created.

After a visit to the Three Ships Distillery, our surprisingly sober team designed a stylised architectural model. With the help of a model builder, we replicated all the components on a micro level (fancy, huh?), and added lights, a custom smoke machine and speakers for sound effects.

A front view of the final machine in our workshop.

Our Micro-Distillery with custom electronics was controlled by an easy-to-use iPad app. The app allowed users to blend an entirely unique whisky to suit their palates, in front of their very eyes, at events around the country. And it went down a treat.